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The Benefits of Building a Custom Luxury Home Versus Buying

on December 5, 2016     by Jeff Lottmann

newly constructed home for sale by the jeff lottmann group

If you’ve spent any amount of time trying to find your forever home, you know it can be a daunting task. Between location specifications, design preferences, and unique architectural needs, sometimes it can be downright impossible. After all, no matter how gorgeous an existing house may be, no one can envision your dream home exactly like you can. The good news? Building a custom home allows you to make your dream a reality. Here are just a few benefits of building a custom luxury home rather than buying a pre-owned or new production home.

  • True luxury means not having to compromise. Building a custom home offers a choice in almost everything throughout the homebuilding process. Beyond choosing cabinets and flooring, custom home builders are flexible in mixing styles and plans to construct a home that is molded to your needs and lifestyle. Production homes, on the other hand, offer very few options and even less flexibility once building starts.
  • Your family is unique and your home should be, too. Perhaps you have a multigenerational family and need an extra living area. Maybe you’re a yoga enthusiast, while your partner collects cars, and your kids swim every day. Or, you might expect to retire in your home and want to plan ahead with low, wide doorways and a one-level layout. Regardless of your family’s specific needs or extracurricular activities, you can incorporate the space for such luxuries into a custom-built home—but they’re hard to find in an existing one.
  • Location, location, location. There are endless reasons location is often considered the most important factor in real estate. Whether your primary concern is the safety of your neighborhood or the view from your kitchen window, finding your dream home in your ideal location is a tall order. And if you’re buying an existing house, chances are you will have to compromise. By building a custom home, however, it’s possible to have it all. When the location of the lot is your only criteria, your book of options becomes much larger.
  • It’s not easy being green (if it’s not custom). When you build a home from the ground up, you can easily work green features that enhance your home’s efficiency into the plan. For instance, you can plan to harness passive solar and greatly reduce energy costs, or use water-saving appliances throughout the home. Retrofitting an existing home with green features, on the other hand, is sometimes impossible, if not a nuisance to undertake—and a costly afterthought.

Ultimately, investing in a custom home ensures a higher level of satisfaction. The best part? When you work with Lottmann Realty Group, you reap all of the aforementioned benefits without the stress of managing the logistics and various vendors. Our strategic partnerships and turnkey approach allow you to make the decisions you want to make, and rest easy knowing that the rest is in great hands. We’ve helped countless homeowners build the homes of their dreams, one brick at a time, and we look forward to helping you.

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Jeff Lottmann
A natural born salesman, Jeff has always had a passion for real estate. After seeing success as an investor, he decided it was time to make his passion his career. So, in 2002, Lottmann Realty Group was born. Because his business and practical experience differentiate him from his competition, Jeff is the “go-to” real estate agent for hundreds of families and real estate investors throughout the course of their lives.


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  1. I like how you mentioned that a custom home can fit your family’s unique needs. My husband and I are going to be moving in the next year or two to better fit our growing family. It would be nice to have a home that fits exactly what we’re looking for, so maybe we could build a custom one.

  2. Now that my husband and I are older, we want to build a custom luxury home that has everything we ever wanted in a home. I like how you mention that true luxury means not having to compromise. The money we spend on a house that has luxury fixtures and architecture will be worth it because we will be able to sell the house much easier when the time comes.

  3. I like your point that you can customize your home to really cater to your family’s needs. I, for example, love music. I’d love to build a home with a built-in recording studio.

  4. It’s interesting that you pointed out that it’s hard to have a green home unless you custom build it. My wife and I want to live in a home that is energy efficient and has a low impact on the environment, but like you mentioned, it can be hard to find something like that for sale. Maybe our best option would be to custom build a home so we can make it as green as possible.

    • Very good comment. There is really only one way to get a true energy efficient Green Home and that’s build it. If you are in St. Louis and ever considering building aid be happy to introduce you to REA Homes. They are the best in the business

  5. I really like your tip to look for a luxury home in your ideal location. I’ve always felt that you could add and change things up in your home itself, but there’s not much you can do about the location once you’ve bought one! Much of the luxury of a luxury home extends to it being in a location that make it easy for you to live your life comfortably and happily.

  6. I appreciate the definition of what a luxury home is because before today I always had the impression that a luxury home was one with a great location state of the art equipment. My wife and I have been wanting to build ourselves a luxury home on some land that we own. Like you mentioned we want to make our house as green as possible and also with a design that will perfectly fit out family.

  7. I’m glad that you talked about how luxury homes mean not having to compromise. I think that being able to get a luxury home for my family would be neat, and allow us to be able to have something my family would enjoy long term. I think that being able to look at different luxury homes for sale would be a good place for us to start, and then we could see if we can find anything perfect for us! Thanks!