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Helping Families Transition from a Luxury Home to Assisted Living

Approximately 70% of Americans will require some type of assisted living or long-term care when they are 65 or older. Despite this, the transition from independent to assisted living is something many people find themselves unprepared for when the time comes. For a lot of families, the need to move aging parents quickly will leave them struggling to coordinate the selling of a parent’s luxury home with the transition into their new community. For retirement communities, this is an opportunity to further serve residents and their families by providing them with an expert resource that can ease the stress of juggling a simultaneous home sale and living transition.
The multitude of moving parts involved in the move to assisted living can pose some unique obstacles for families, including:
  • Sorting through belongings to determine what will be moved to the retirement community
  • Coordinating moving services to pick up and drop off possessions
  • Scheduling cleaning and repair services to prepare a parent’s home for sale
  • Researching and understanding top market value for a parent’s luxury home
  • Scheduling showings for a parent’s home once listed
  • Helping resistant parents to ensure a smooth transition for them


Families coping with these challenges often don’t know where to turn for guidance. This became clear to our founder, Jeff Lottmann when he transitioned his own mother into assisted living. While Jeff had the advantage of his own real estate expertise to guide him through the process of selling his mom’s home and getting her settled into her new one, he recognized that most families are stuck navigating the transition alone.
Lottmann Realty Group’s combination of personal experience and industry expertise makes us uniquely qualified to act as an expert resource for families facing this significant life change, which is why we partner with retirement communities to provide resources, seminars, and guidance. 
Learn more about our Retirement Community Partnership Program and how it brings additional value to residents here.

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