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The Jeff Lottmann Group Blog

two people signing a contract for a house

Dealing with Real Estate During Divorce: Why Experience Matters

I’ve been divorced. It’s painful and messy and soul-crushing and liberating and exhausting and…so much more. It can also be confusing, especially when it comes to real estate. (And as a real estate agent, I was more prepared than most people are.) As someone who has been through it, and who has helped countless couples… Continue Reading

st louis police officer looking for home loan

Special Real Estate Considerations for Law Enforcement Professionals

First and foremost, the Lottmann Realty Group would like to say thank you to every law enforcement professional who has devoted his or her life to taking care of our community. In recent years, your job has become more dangerous, difficult, and emotionally taxing than ever. Yet, you continue to serve and protect, and for… Continue Reading

physicans looking at home mortgages

Mortgages for Future Physicians: Why Owning a Home Now is More Realistic Than You Think

Purchasing a home is a significant life event that many physicians don’t consider until later in life, once they feel their student loan debt is under control. But at Lottmann Realty Group, we think you’ve been playing the waiting game long enough. Since your medical education and training began, much of your life has been… Continue Reading

college building photo by jeff lottmann group

Why Investing in College Town Real Estate Just Makes Sense

Owning the property your child lives in while he or she attends college can be beneficial in several ways. First, there are the financial benefits—you aren’t throwing away money on rent. Secondly, there are significant peace of mind benefits—when it is your property, you know that your student has a secure home with proper amenities…. Continue Reading

first responders bags - photo by the jeff lottmann group

Home Loans for St. Louis Area First Responders

At Lottmann Realty Group, we believe that the everyday heroes of our community—first responders—deserve nothing but the best…especially when it comes to home financing programs. If you are a first responder looking to buy a home in St. louis or the greater St. Louis area, we would be honored to help you find the home… Continue Reading

newly constructed home for sale by the jeff lottmann group

The Benefits of Building a Custom Luxury Home Versus Buying

If you’ve spent any amount of time trying to find your forever home, you know it can be a daunting task. Between location specifications, design preferences, and unique architectural needs, sometimes it can be downright impossible. After all, no matter how gorgeous an existing house may be, no one can envision your dream home exactly… Continue Reading