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Senior Living Communities

When it’s time for new residents to move to your community, the transition from independent living is complicated. Necessary tasks like staging a home for quick sale and scheduling repairs can feel overwhelming to a family already navigating this significant life change. 

We understand these unique challenges and how to ease the burden of selling a family home to make a resident’s move easier. By partnering with us, you are extending the compassionate care you already provide — you are giving residents and their families an expert resource, so they can focus on getting mom and dad settled into your community. 

The Jeff Lottmann Group in St. Louis is a partner you can trust. Here’s why: 

  • Personal Knowledge and Expertise: In addition to helping many clients navigate this life change, Jeff Lottmann also has personal experience with his mother’s transition from independent to community living. This combination of personal experience and industry expertise gives our team a full emotional and practical picture.
  • Empathy and Service: Our agents understand this transition can be a sensitive and difficult time for families. We’re here to listen, understand, and help with anything your residents and their families need. We’ve facilitated cleaning, staging, painting, meal deliveries, storage, and more for clients.
  • Communication: We act in the best interests of your residents and their families, so we make it a practice to be open and honest with them at all times.

Interested in learning more about how The Jeff Lottmann Group acts as a trusted partner for your residents and families to make you even more valuable to them? Let’s get together.